My Artistic Journey

I have been driven to create as long as I can remember, with no prejudice towards medium, I have tried them all. It wasn’t until college that I became entranced with pottery, falling in love with its tactility and the unique way that it responds to touch. I had finally found a material that was able to meet ALL of my needs as a maker. Ceramics is artistic and functional, scientific and intuitive, it incorporates 2D aspects and 3-dimensional form, construction and decoration, rich community and quiet meditation, best of all I get to play with my two favorite things…. MUD AND FIRE!

I almost exclusively produce functional vessels as I am keen on clays ability to contain volume and the kinetic relationship with the body. For example, the intimacy of a mug, how it is an extension of one’s arm, caresses the lips and is often held close for the comfort of its warm contents. Pottery like food engages deeply with our traditions and daily rituals and with it’s proximity to us the pots seem to take on a life of their own.

My practice is primarily wheel throwing with a dash of hand building. I prefer wheel throwing as it engages the body and breath in a way that is very similar to yoga, combining mindfulness breath and strength. When I do choose to hand build I approach the clay like fabric, creating slabs of textured clay which are darted and stitched up to create one of a kind details.

Stylistically, my work tends to largely reflect my natural surroundings. As a keen hiker and gardener, my work is inspired largely by my habitat. Which takes shape on my pottery in the form of trees/flowers, imprints of seed pods, and guest appearances of my little forest friends. Because of my fascination with the natural environment, my work tends to be almost exclusively glazed in greens and blues.

But what excites me most about being a potter is that there is so much to learn and that I will be a student of this medium for the rest of my days.

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